vancouver public schools video productions

These videos are the latest I’ve produced for Vancouver Public Schools. The YouTube channel address is if you want to see more.


older samples

fairyland: the story of opal whiteley

The sample below is an Emmy-nominated short documentary I did during my senior year at the University of Oregon. I was the primary editor and director, and I also shot most of the beauty shots sprinkled throughout the piece, in addition to recording and editing the narration track. This short has aired numerous times on OPB, and because of that, I now have my own IMDB page, which is pretty awesome. Enjoy!

[hdplay id=6]

midday newscast from 5/14/2009

This is the first block of a typical midday newscast that I produced in my time at KATU. I was responsible for story selection and placement, monitoring the news crews, and ensuring a smooth on-air product. I wrote the vast majority of all the news stories, and copy edited the ones I didn’t write.

[hdplay id=7 width=640 height=360]