I’m the Television Production Supervisor for Vancouver Public Schools in Washington. I produce television programming for the school district’s Comcast Channels and for the web. If you live in Vancouver and have Comcast, you can see our shows on channels 28 and 29. If you don’t, take a look at our YouTube page to see what we produce.

My job encompasses nearly every aspect of television production, including planning and writing, shooting and editing video, and conceiving and executing graphics. I work with one other person to produce high-quality programming.

Before working at VPS, I was a news producer at KATU television in Portland, OR. I worked there for about 4 years, producing various shows in that time, including morning, noon, and afternoon shows. Although I produced a show every day, several moments stand out as highlights.

  • I produced the hour of programming in which Greg Oden was drafted first overall by the Portland Trail Blazers. We were the only station in town to carry the announcement live.
  • I co-produced the 3-hour block of news that featured the demolition of the Trojan cooling tower along the Columbia River in Washington.
  • I was part of the Emmy award-winning team that covered the Snow Storm of 2008. We worked 8 straight days, going live 10+ hours each day as the snow came down and local cities tried to deal with it all.

Prior to my time at KATU, I was a news producer at KVAL television in Eugene for a year. I got that job right after graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in Journalism – Electronic Media. While still in school, I was an video editor at KEZI television in Eugene, as well as the Production Director for KWVA, the U of O’s campus radio station.


Picture of Nick
I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon with my wonderful wife, Marisa. I love to play basketball and softball, and I dabble in golf and tennis as well. My other hobbies include DJing and producing electronic music, as well as cooking.

I lived in South Dakota until I was 10, moving to Oregon with my parents in 1988. I feel really lucky that my parents got jobs here instead of anywhere else, as I love this area; I can’t imagine living anywhere else.