3rd Annual Nick Voll Memorial Gym Jam

3rd annual nick voll memorial gym jam.  Saturday, April 27th. Noon to 4pm.  Trinity Lutheran School. $15 to play.

The 3rd Annual Nick Voll Memorial Gym Jam
A Charity Basketball Tournament and Birthday Celebration
Saturday, April 27th at 12 Noon – Trinity Lutheran School, Portland

Can you believe it? It’s finally time again for the 3rd Annual Nick Voll Memorial Gym Jam, my annual birthday tournament. Here are a few pictures from last year to refresh your memory:

This is a 4-on-4 fullcourt basketball tournament (the court at Trinity Lutheran is small). This year I’m ditching the 3 Point Shootout, because Eric got a concussion last year, and it was a bit of a mess. Instead, we’ll do a Shooting Stars competition, which you may have seen during NBA All-Star Weekend, and is a lot of fun.

Each team will get at least 3 12-minute games, plus a spot in the Shooting Stars competition. Depending on the number of players who sign up, it will likely be a round-robin, with the two winningest teams squaring off in a championship game.

We’ll have the scoreboard up and running this year, so long as Trinity fixed it in the last year (which I believe they have).

But Wait, There’s More!
We’ll be recording the tournament in stunning HD with our multi-camera setup. We’ll have an announcer of some sort as well. Like last year, you may be called on to run a camera or something when you’re not playing, but I’m trying to rustle up a crew. I won’t hand out DVDs this year, since everyone watched the games on YouTube anyway. Here’s my channel, with last year’s tournament: Click Here.

Unlike last year, when I picked every team, this year you can sign up as an individual or in a group of no more than 3. That way you can control whom you play with a little more, and I can keep things as fair as possible. I have placed a form at the bottom for you to sign up.

The cost this year is $15, and I can accept cash and checks.

IF YOU ARE WRITING A CHECK: write it out to “The Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools,” who will handle the donations.

Where the Money Goes
My charity of choice is Fort Sports, the sports broadcasting program at Fort Vancouver High School. The program is run by a teacher at Fort, and is staffed by volunteers and students. It broadcasts live football, volleyball, and basketball games to Comcast viewers in Clark County. They’re good people doing good work that benefits the community and gives kids real-life work opportunities.

Last year’s donations bought a device that allowed us to broadcast a live halftime report from the field level during high school football games.

Here are some links to learn more about Fort Sports:
Fort Sports News Story by Vancouver Public Schools
Fort Sports Documentary (15 minutes running time)
Fort Sports News Story by KATU

Who can play?
This is a competitive, invitation-only event. Nick is inviting guys with whom he plays basketball regularly, as well as some friends he’d like to have at the event. If you’ve been invited, and want to bring a friend, please contact Nick about it. Since he’s compiling the teams based on talent, height, etc., he’ll need to let you know whether there’s room for another person.

Where? When?

Trinity Lutheran School
5520 NE Killingsworth
Portland, Oregon, 97218

Saturday, April 27th
12 Noon

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  1. How about some Gym Jam pre-Jam hype?! I’m thinking bracket, repost of somebody getting hit in the head in the 3pt shootout.

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