Birthday Basketball Tournament

2nd Annual Nick Voll Memorial Gym Jam

The 2nd Annual Nick Voll Memorial Gym Jam
A Charity Basketball Tournament and Birthday Celebration
Saturday, April 28th at 12 Noon – Trinity Lutheran School, Portland

Why are we doing this?
Nick is turning 34, and what better way to celebrate the deterioration of the human body over time than a demonstration of physical incompetence? Nick, who likes to write in the 3rd person and ask rhetorical questions, thought last year’s tournament was awesome, so why not go even bigger this year? So this one’s for charity.

Charity? Wha…?
That’s right, buddy, charity. Nick’s charity of choice is Fort Sports, the sports broadcasting program at Fort Vancouver High School. The program is run by a teacher at Fort, and is staffed by volunteers and students. It broadcasts live football, volleyball, and basketball games to Comcast viewers in Clark County. They’re good people doing good work that benefits the community and gives kids real-life work opportunities. Here are some links to learn more:
Fort Sports News Story by Vancouver Public Schools
Fort Sports Documentary (15 minutes running time)
Fort Sports News Story by KATU

Okay, fine. How much?
To play in the tournament, our asking price is $10 per player. You can choose to donate more if you so desire. The donation is tax-deductible, so it’s up to you. The 3-Point Shootout is $3 to enter. The money will be routed through the Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools, so if you plan to write a check, write it to them.

What do I get for my money?
For your generous donation, you get a spot on one of four teams, to be assigned by the organizer. Each team will have 5-6 players, and Nick will try to make the teams as even as possible. The tournament will have a round-robin schedule, guaranteeing each team at least 3 games. Each game will be 12 minutes long. A win is worth 2 points, a tie is worth 1. The teams with the most points at the end of the round-robin schedule will play in a championship game. If a tie-breaker is needed, the first will be total points scored. If a second is needed, we will use point differential.

After the round-robin, and before the championship game, we will have a 3-point shootout. Anyone can enter, but ONLY ONE CAN WIN!

In addition, we will be recording the tournament in stunning HD. Nick will bring in a mobile production unit with 3 cameras and a live switcher, so we’ll capture all the action in its full glory. We will have a play-by-play announcer providing commentary for each game. We’ll also leave a microphone open for players to provide color commentary on other teams’ games. Each player will receive a DVD of the tournament for their personal collections. For a sizable donation to Fort Sports, Nick is also willing to destroy the DVDs so no one can ever see them.

The winning team members will receive terrible trophies. The 3-Point Shootout winner will get a trophy he can drink out of. Don’t ask.

Who can play?
This is a competitive, invitation-only event. Nick is inviting guys with whom he plays basketball regularly, as well as some friends he’d like to have at the event. If you’ve been invited, and want to bring a friend, please contact Nick about it. Since he’s compiling the teams based on talent, height, etc., he’ll need to let you know whether there’s room for another person.

Where? When?

Trinity Lutheran School
5520 NE Killingsworth
Portland, Oregon, 97218

Saturday, April 28th
12 Noon