After a month of growing and scratching, Novembeard is finally complete. I am somewhat pleased with the results, although I’m not sure if I will keep the beard after today. Surprisingly, Marisa is somewhat okay with the facial hair, as long as I shave the mustache. So now it’s really up to me. I’m sure that I will at least trim the weirdo long hairs that have cropped up, but I don’t know what to do with the rest of it. Suggestions?

novembeard side final novembeard front final
November 30 – The beard is complete. Now what to do with it?
novembeard side week 3 novembeard front week 3
November 20 – The neck swirl is really becoming noticable
novembeard side week 2 novembeard frontal week 2
November 13 – I need a shave and haircut badly
novembeard week 2 frontal view novembeard week 2 side view
November 6th – I am ugly
novembeard side view novembeard frontal view
October 31st – the last day I shaved

Ducks Weekend

marisa and the scoreboardWhat a great weekend to be an Oregon Duck! Marisa and I went down to Eugene on Friday night and stayed with our friends Katie and Brendan, and went to both a Ducks basketball game and a Ducks football game. Katie works for the university and got us tickets for the basketball game in the 3rd and 4th row, which is the closest I’ve ever been able to sit. The Ducks played UC-Davis, not exactly a challenge, but it was amazing to be so close to the action. We could hear the players and coaches talking, and it was incredible to see the sheer athleticism of the players.
After the game, which the Ducks won, we walked over to Rennie’s near campus to have dinner and a drink. Rennie’s was always our favorite campus bar (vastly superior to Taylor’s), so it’s where we usually head after the game. Funnily enough, we ran into my friends Meghan, Andy, and John (all former coworkers) there, which was fun. I somehow neglected to get a picture of us all. From there, Marisa and I headed to Autzen. Katie went home, as she didn’t have a ticket.
We had an hour to kill, so we walked through the tailgaters, then to our positions. We can only afford the standing-room only tickets, so I can’t say “our seats.” We ended up standing next to a bunch of riff-raff for the first half, so we decided to warm up in the Moshofsky Center at halftime, which ended up stretching over the better part of the 3rd quarter. For the 4th, we stood on the other side of the field, eventually walking down to some empty seats near the end. The game itself was a bit of a laugher, as the Ducks smashed Arizona State.

Halloween Costume

I was originally planning on going as a Mexican wrestler, wearing the muscle suit I got couple of years ago and my Mexican wrestler mask. Below is a look at the devil costume I wore instead. The mask is something I got in Peru this year, and is meant to represent the devilish Spanish.

devil costume